Non-stock parts are for items that you are not tracking inventory of and do not restock on a regular basis. These might be specialty parts or a one-time purchased item.

NOTE: When an item is selected as a Non-Stock Part, you will also not receive a notification when the part is low or out of stock completely.

We can also filter our non-stock parts to view, export, or update the desired parts.

How to Add a Non-Stock Part

  1. Navigate to the Parts & Inventory Section
  2. Select the desired Part (then select Edit) or create a new Part
  3. Check off the Non-Stock Part checkbox
  4. Click Save Changes (for existing Parts) or Submit (for new parts)

​Filter Your Non-Stock Parts

  1. Navigate to the Parts & Inventory section
  2. Click on Filter
  3. Select Show Non-Stock Parts Only

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