Meters can be a powerful tool for you and your team! With UpKeep, you can use meters to track the historical usage of an asset over time and even set up work order triggers! Upon creation of the meter, you can select the desired reading frequency and have your Administrator, Technician, and Limited Technician users record meter readings. This can be done on the web application or mobile applications! This article explains how to record a meter reading.

TIP: You can also assign your meter reading to a checklist task in a work order! Check the section below on how to record the meter reading in a checklist task!

How to Record a Meter Reading

  1. Navigate to the Meters section.

  2. Click on the desired Meter.

  3. In the New Meter Reading field, type in your reading

  4. Finally, click Add Reading to save the meter reading!

How to Record a Meter Reading in a Checklist Task

You can assign your meter to a checklist task in a work order! As your team completes the work order, they can record a meter reading as part of one of the tasks.

  1. Navigate to your work orders

  2. Click on the work order to open it up

  3. In the meter reading task, type in the field the new reading

  4. Finally, hit Enter to save the reading or move onto the next task!

How to Record a Meter Reading Through Your Asset

NOTE: The ability to update Meters from the Assets section is only available in our Business Plus plan.

  1. Navigate to the Assets section

  2. Click on the Asset that a Meter is Assigned to

  3. Then click on the Meters tab

  4. Click on the Add Reading button

  5. Type in the new reading and select the Meter Reading Date

  6. Finally, click on Add Reading to record it!

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