How to Enter in a Meter Reading – Mobile

  1. Select the Meters Tab
  2. Select the Desired Meter
  3. Enter in your Reading
  4. Select Submit

How to Enter in a Meter Reading – Web

Through a Form Item/Template

  1. Create or Edit Desired Work Order
  2. Select Add Form Fields
  3. Insert Form Template or Create Form Item with Meter Reading Task
  4. Enter in Meter Reading in Form

Through the Assets section:

  1. Select the Assets Section
  2. Select the desired Asset
  3. Select the Meters Tab
  4. Select Desired Meter
  5. Select + Add Reading
  6. Enter in Meter Reading and Date
  7. Select Add Reading 

The ability to update Meters from the Assets section is only available in our Business Plus and Enterprise plans.

Through the Meters Section:

  1. Select the Meters Section
  2. Select the desired Meter
  3. Enter in Meter Reading
  4. Select Submit
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