With our Business Plus and Enterprise Plan we will have the ability to have to have itemized time and cost tracking. This way we can differentiate between things such as our “Wrench Time” and “Travel Time” as well as our Tax cost and Labor Cost. In this article we will go over how to utilize the itemized time and itemized cost functionality.

Itemized Time Tracking

With our itemized Time Tracking you can utilize the timer from our Web Application, add additional time for a Work Order and see a detailed view of your time on the Work Order.

Using the Timer

  1. Select your desired Work Order
  2. Select the Time
  3. Select Start Timer
  4. Once Timer is started Work Order will move to In-Progress
  5. When ready to stop Timer, select Timer then select Stop Timer


Adding Additional Time

  1. Select the desired Work Order
  2. Select the Timer
  3. Select + Add Time
  4. Enter in the User Assigned, Date and Time the Work Started, the Duration and the Timer Category
  5. Select Add

Detailed View

  1. Select the Timer
  2. Select Detailed View
  3. You can now see the time breakdown for your Work Order, Add in Time or filter to see individual users time

Itemized Cost Tracking

With our itemized Cost Tracking you can now add in and categorize your cost. This will allow you to separate your costs by user as well as by category.

How to Add Itemized cost 

  1. Select the desired Work Order
  2. Select + Add Additional Cost
  3. Add a Cost Description, Category, Cost, User Assigned to and Date
  4. Select Add
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