Reporting is critical to ensure the success of your business. At the end of the day, reports will give you better insight into what is going on, who is doing what, how much time and money is being spent, and more! 

Our dashboard is perfect for seeing a high-level overview of everything happening and accomplished by your team

Quickly navigate to view which users are on track with their work and which assets have the most outstanding work orders. 


Step 1: Select the Dashboard page

Step 2: Click the “Dashboard” toggle at the top right

Step 3: From here you can view:

  • Total Work Orders entered
  • Open Status work orders
  • In Progress Status work orders
  • On Hold work orders
  • Closed Status work orders
  • Number of Requests Waiting for Approval (not clickable)
  • Number of Parts Out of Stock (not clickable)

Step 4: Click into any of the work order items to see further analysis of that set

  • Average time to complete in hours
  • Total hours
  • $ Spent
  • Average cost per work order
  • Approximate Costs Saved
  • # Planned work orders
  • # Unplanned work orders
  • % Unplanned work orders

Step 5: To see a list of just those work orders, click the highlighted status name next to the words “Work Order” at the top right

Simply use our filters to see what you want to draw on a report on (whether that is a given time range, a particular location, or category)!

You’ll get a comprehensive list to help you better maintain your facility. 

Filter Your Dashboard:

Step 1: Choose which filters you would like to use on the left side of the screen

Step 2: Follow the steps above to look through your new report

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