Within UpKeep you can maintain your entire inventory so you know exactly where things are. You can also use our barcode scanner for simple and easy access from a mobile device. To get started using our inventory section, go to the Parts/Inventory section of the application

Step 1: Navigate to the Parts/Inventory page
Step 2: Add a new part to your inventory by pressing the "+ Part" button
Step 3: Include the part name, quantity, and other details such as the location or bin number. You can even add photos for those items that look very similar, so you can tell them apart.
Step 4: Click "Add Part"

For large lists of parts, you can also utilize our parts import feature here

When parts go out of stock, it will have a notification saying that it is out of stock or once the minimum quantity is reached it will have a notification saying that the inventory is running low. Track where your parts are in real time by sorting by location.

When parts are assigned to work orders, inventory will automatically be subtracted from your parts. You can also track the usage of all of your parts in the history section as well!

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