1. Request Form Items

Request form items allow you to customize the request form when people submit work to be done. You can edit the request form items here


Now, when new users submit a request, this is what their request form will look like:

Now whenever a new user submits a request, they will be required to enter their name and which location they are coming from. 

2. Public Request Portal

Our public request portal is a URL specific to your company where anyone can go to submit work tickets without having to login to UpKeep. You can find your company's URL here:


Just like the other request form, you can also edit what users see when submitting a work ticket by pressing Edit Public Request Form Items in the top right hand corner.

3. Form Templates

Form Templates allow you to reuse specific form items for easy use in work orders. Most commonly, these are used for inspections where you have a list of subtasks or checklist items that you'd like to include as part of a work order. You can create and save new form templates on this Page:


When creating a new work order, you can add that form template to a specific work order and this is what the work order might look like:

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