Starting in October of 2017, our most basic plan is 100% free for unlimited users!

Here's a link to our pricing page for detailed information:

Signing up for UpKeep is absolutely free and doesn't require a credit card, nor talking to a salesperson. It really is that simple!

On any of our paid plans, we bill per technical, limited technical, or admin users. That means all requesters and viewer users are free and unlimited! There is no limit to the number of requests they submit and the way UpKeep is set up is to have requesters submit work tickets that go to the admin for approval. 

Learn more about the different account types and which are considered free and which are paid.

As of today, UpKeep is billed at $35 per month for our starter plan or $55 per month for the professional plan - per paid user account type. You can also choose to pay upfront for 1 year to receive a 16.7% discount! Sweet savings right?!

You can also learn more about our pricing by heading over to our pricing page

So if you have 1 Admin user and 2 Maintenance Technicians, 10 Supervisors set up as view only and 20 requester users how much would that cost?

We only charge for the 1 admin and 2 maintenance technicians. Sooo on our starter plan that'd be 3*$35 = $105 per month. If you'd like to pay upfront for a year, that would equate to $29 per month *12 months * 3 users = $1044 per year

Don't worry about any setup fees, training fees, or any additional hidden fees! When UpKeep is stacked up with our competitors, many people don't realize that we offer a much better solution, but that we are also priced much less as well.

You can always choose to upgrade your subscription at any time and we'll prorate your fees. 

Learn about the differences between the starter and professional plan

When you're ready to sign up, go ahead and sign into our web application here:

Also! We offer a free training session for you and your entire team to make sure you are set up for success on our platform. Learn more here!

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